We care for each patient as an individual with a thorough screening and a customized treatment program based on their age, overall health, and personal goals.

- Maryam Rahimi, D.O.
Welcome to Knee Centers
Our three-fold mission is:
  • To provide non-surgical treatment of the knee
  • To provide individualized therapy programs
  • To provide a relaxed and inviting atmosphere
Our three-fold mission will result in an experience that you will enjoy and that will provide you with more strength and mobility in your knee. Our treatment will allow you to return to those activities that you enjoy doing.
” My doubts and reservations were soon put to rest by your kind and patient staff and, of course, your professionalism and obvious expertise. With the injections and therapeutic exercises done in the clinic as well as the ones done at home, I not only felt 100 times better within the first 2 weeks but I also lost over 20 lbs. by my 4th week! I could not have asked for anything more! ” – Pablo N., Hawthorne, CA

Our Approach
Knee Centers has developed a comprehensive, non-surgical approach for pain relief and for significant return to mobility for our patients.
Osteoarthritis is a painful debilitating disease that affects over 30 million Americans. The good news is that recent advances in medical science now make it possible to provide long lasting relief without the need for major joint replacement.